Friday, January 20, 2012

We're Celebrating Our First!

This is a big day for us. 

We’re use to planting 36 heirloom tomato plants and eating up every single one.  We love both the southern tradition of tomato sandwiches and the Italian tradition of tomatoes with a little oil, vinegar, fresh basil and lots of bread for sopping.

Coming from ¾ acre to a balcony has been an adjustment. Not the condo living, just the balcony. If I had my way I would have one of every plant. And indeed I did, but that was then and this is now.

Today we got our first condomater.  We have two plants on the balcony, and they look pitiful but lo and behold they have tomatoes on them. I gotta say Home Depot did us wrong by labeling these as heirloom german johnson tomatoes, because they clearly are not.  But it’s our little mater and we love it.

German Johnsons grow into big ugly tomatoes that have a taste like no other. They can truly be addicting if you really want a big tomato taste. And we are totally hooked on these.


  1. Sandwiches all around.

  2. We can actually have a tomato sandwich in winter. Outside. In shorts and flip flops. Life is good.


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