Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Magazine

Did you know that there is an HGTV magazine? The first issue was released in January and this is February's issue.

I was lucky enough to receive this as a Christmas gift (thanks sis!). I wasn't sure what to expect since HGTV is now mostly House Hunters (pick a country). But I was pleasantly surprised at the difference between this magazine and other decor magazines. Lots of shorter, one page articles with ideas that are easy to implement.

My favorite is "What to Do When Your Neighbors Drive You Nuts".  Who couldn't use some expert advice about this topic? Or is that just me?

Moving on. Other articles I loved:
Homeowner Questions Answered by a Contractor
Hi or Lo? Guess Which One is the Steal
One Couch 5 Ways (shows different color couches with varying pillow colors)

Have any of you picked up this magazine yet? Do you think it fills a niche in the decor magazine world?

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