Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Everyone Needs Some Studs In Their Home

Yes, I’m talking studs. (But I only put that in the title so those who google "studs" will find this page instead of the type of page they, perhaps, were looking for). Just my little joke on people I don't even know.

So getting down to brass tacks, what I'm really talking about is nailhead trim. Adding nailhead trim to an existing piece is pretty easy. It can update the piece instantly, just like jewelry enhances an outfit. And it is an easy way to hide staples when reupholstering a chair. Of course nailhead trim is often used when fabricating headboards, but no need to let the creativity stop there.You can buy a long roll of nailhead trim and you'll only have to hammer in every 5th one. Much easier for keeping straight lines.

For control freaks who simply must do it the hard way, the trim also comes in individual tacks.

And now nailhead trim comes in nickel which is a real trend update from brass trim. Here's my DIY headboard with nickel trim that I posted here.

One of the easiest things to DIY is a message board. This first one is from HGTV.

Cornice boards are really easy to make. I have made quite a few by either covering them with fabric or attaching moldings and painting. But I like the look of them on this cornice board, which looks like it is also made of wood with attached moldings.

Now call me crazy but I think this lamp could be a DIY project. This picture shows a table lamp from mitchel gold & bob williams, but I could see fashioning one out of wood and using faux croc wallpaper to wrap it before adding studs.

In my mind, these mirrors could be DIYed by making a wood frame for a store bought mirror, covering with fabric and then nailhead. I think that this is a good project for someone to do and tell me how it went. Now most bloggers would go ahead and do these projects, documenting them with pictures before blogging about them. But I moved from a 3200 sq ft house to a 2000 sq ft condo and I no longer have the space to make these or hang them. But I still like them and want them.

For those of you still with me, I've saved the best for last. There is a cult-like following of Ikea Hackers who have taken the inexpensive pieces and redecorated or reconfigured them. Ikea sponsors a website devoted to pictures and instructions for "hacking" Ikea products. This first picture starts with the Ikea "besta" cabinet (about $125) and then festoons it with nailhead trim to make a spectacular, one-of-a-kind piece.
And for those who would rather spend even less, take a look at this $6 garage sale table before and after.

The $6 table was painted and then decorated with...thumb tacks! This was done by one very creative, crafty person and her tutorial can be found here.

Are you inspired to try any of these yourself? How many of you want to show one of these pictures to your honey-do-list arm candy and ask him to make one for you?

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