Monday, January 30, 2012

Cool Web Sites

I thought I would share some of the cool web sites that I have found that perhaps you haven't seen.

1. Etsy.  This site is for all things handmade. Original art such as paintings, photographs, and glass; sewn items like pillow covers and quilts; ceramics; furniture; jewelry; and probably some of those crocheted toilet paper covers that your grandma made for you. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about, don’t pretend you don’t. And I also saw something called summer ruffle bum knickers, but I’m not even going there. It’s just too easy.

There is almost too much on this site. You could wander around for days there so it’s key to use search parameters to target your interest. And for those who think they can’t afford original art, look again. Lots of aspiring artists there with reasonable prices. And wouldn’t you rather have an original rather than something everyone will know you bought at Target?

2. Next there is  Have you ever seen those women in the grocery store who have a whole big notebook of coupons organized by date and item? You know the ones who clear the shelf of all of the beans/soup/olive oil/laundry detergent before you can get there to use your ONE coupon to save fifty cents? You hate them too don’t you? I know you do, so admit it and own it because this site keeps you from being one of THEM.

Each week they print out the match ups and sales at major grocery stores and drug stores. So you can match up your coupon with the store that’s having the sale, such as buy one get one. This makes your coupon work twice as hard for you. The site also mentions where they found the coupon and provides a link to a print out coupon. You can use the site just to compare sales at competing stores, or see what you can get for free using rewards points at CVS or Rite Aid. For example:

Get $0.87 Extra Bucks WYB Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bunny, Cadbury Egg, Reese's Egg, 1.2oz, or Cadbury Mini Eggs, 1.5oz (limit 1) @ - $0.87
Final price: FREE
(price after Tuesday is $0.75 each with NO Extra Bucks)

Deal Idea:
Buy (3) Glade Lasting Impressions or Sense & Spray Starter Kit @ $5 each
Use (3)$3/1 Glade Lasting Impressions or Sense & Spray from the 1/15 SS
Use $3/2 Glade, Pledge, Scrubbing Bubbles, or Windex Coupon (from CVS coupon kiosk - scan your card!)
Pay $3.00 OOP; Get Back $4 Extra Bucks = FREE + $1 MM

According to this last deal, you make money buying these products. I guess that’s how those extreme couponers get their $657 grocery bill down to $1.35. This blogger has a “saving well spending less” site and a “living well spending less” site. I find this totally confusing. But I did start to fill up our pantry with these deals…right before we moved 600 miles and I had to give it all away.

3. Pinterest. This site is like a virtual bulletin board for all the cool things you find on the web. Instead of bookmarking a page you can click on the image and pin it, and then see all the images according to the categories you have chosen. Then you can "follow" others that seem to share the same interests and you will know when they have pinned something to their board. Some people are into one area only, such as home decor or recipes. Others use it to plan a wedding, a new house, whatever interests you. You can follow my pins at where I have boards for the home, art, etc. but also a board on legitimate art that looks like I could diy. Haven't you seen expensive paintings and thought "I could do that"? This is them.

Friday, January 27, 2012

A Shot of Color

I never met a can of spray paint I didn’t like. Changing the color of a piece in so little time is just fun. Using a foam paint brush or even a regular paintbrush is fun too. It just takes longer to get that gratification.

I got to the point where if something wasn’t moving I was thinking about what other color I could paint it.This kitchen set didn’t move fast enough so I decided to paint it then and there. Notice nobody is wearing what I would call “painting clothes" because they had no warning. The mood just struck me. Mr. Lane might easily have ruined his Cole Haan shoes in the process. 

Some of my recent paint jobs:
I used a random can of paint I found in the garage for this little table. Now I like it again.

This brass and glass coffee table and pie table got some new spray paint for my son's new condo. Nickel spray paint for the coffee table and black spray paint for the pie table. Unfortunately for him, I decided I liked the pie table and kept it. He did get another spray painted table though.

I have a whole list of items that I would like to attack with some spray paint. Future targets include this set of solid brass bedroom lamps. They're very heavy, not builder's brass, so it makes Mr. Lane a little nervous that I'm going to aim paint at these.

I have lots of picture frames that need to be spruced up with some spray paint, either black or nickel.

Not only are these frames brass, but can you see how the mats have faded? They're going to get the treatment too.

I think painted furniture adds so much to a room; especially if the furniture is matchy matchy or all wood toned. You can really revive a tired old piece with some paint, especially if the alternative is throwing it out!