Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Dirty Little Secret

I have a secret to share. 

I put risers under all the beds so that they don’t look like dorm room beds. But that’s not the secret. That would be dumb.

Because of said risers, I can’t use ready-made dust ruffles, and besides I always want them out of the fabric I want them, not something generic and off the shelf. If you’re going to have that much fabric make it count right?

My secret is how I make wham bam thank you ma’am dust ruffles. No sewing involved and done in less than an hour.

For this bed skirt, (I know some of you must use that term) I took the fabric and cut it down the middle, used heat bonding strips to sew the hem, and then

Wait for it

I used T-pins to tack the material to the mattress pad. T- pins don’t come out and are a quick and easy way to put that ribbon of fabric around your bed.  If you want pleats, iron them in and pin the top of the pleat to the box spring.

This method is perhaps not for the perfectionist. Or those who know how to sew, which I don't. But when you want it and you want it now, this works. And besides, I tried being all grown-up about it and sewed one by attaching it to a sheet, yada yada, and it didn't look as good as the ones that I pin.

And to show you how well it works – This dust ruffle/bed skirt is actually a long valance that was in my living room. I used the drapes on the windows and T-pinned the valance to the box spring. It was like this for a whole lotta years before we moved. More than I want to divulge.
 And here's a pinned bed skirt in my guest room, which has also lasted many a year:
So there it is - out for all the world (or maybe just my 4 followers) to see.


  1. YES! Why spend $118 on the pottery barn skirts (sorry pb, you know I love you), when you can add a finishing touch without breaking the bank.

    I would love to do this in pink tulle on my little girl's daybed--they are hard to find the right fitting skirts for too.

  2. Pink tulle - that would be awesome and so much fun to tie into the rest of the room.


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