Friday, January 27, 2012

A Shot of Color

I never met a can of spray paint I didn’t like. Changing the color of a piece in so little time is just fun. Using a foam paint brush or even a regular paintbrush is fun too. It just takes longer to get that gratification.

I got to the point where if something wasn’t moving I was thinking about what other color I could paint it.This kitchen set didn’t move fast enough so I decided to paint it then and there. Notice nobody is wearing what I would call “painting clothes" because they had no warning. The mood just struck me. Mr. Lane might easily have ruined his Cole Haan shoes in the process. 

Some of my recent paint jobs:
I used a random can of paint I found in the garage for this little table. Now I like it again.

This brass and glass coffee table and pie table got some new spray paint for my son's new condo. Nickel spray paint for the coffee table and black spray paint for the pie table. Unfortunately for him, I decided I liked the pie table and kept it. He did get another spray painted table though.

I have a whole list of items that I would like to attack with some spray paint. Future targets include this set of solid brass bedroom lamps. They're very heavy, not builder's brass, so it makes Mr. Lane a little nervous that I'm going to aim paint at these.

I have lots of picture frames that need to be spruced up with some spray paint, either black or nickel.

Not only are these frames brass, but can you see how the mats have faded? They're going to get the treatment too.

I think painted furniture adds so much to a room; especially if the furniture is matchy matchy or all wood toned. You can really revive a tired old piece with some paint, especially if the alternative is throwing it out!


  1. Well now I know where to go to find my "honey do" list.

  2. I love this post. And, couldn't agree more. Pass me a can of spray paint--wondering if it will work to cover-up the crayola wall drawings spawned by the all-too creative 2-year old.

  3. Kilz primer can be your next best friend - after spray paint. I use to be able to paint everything in the garage which was so easy. But the neighbors in the underground parking garage where we are now might not be happy if I did that near their car.


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