Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Color Confidence

I have been embracing my inner decor diva lately, so bear with me. One of the hardest decisions to make seems to be color selection, especially paint. If so, I have two tips for you.

#1.  Know how to classify your neutrals. Beiges can be a yellowish beige, greenish beige or pinkish beige. If you're picking items to go with a countertop or tile for example, define what kind of beige you already have and you'll be able to rule out many of the colors you may be drawn to. If the tile is a pinkish beige then you will not be happy with a rug or paint that has undertones of green or yellow.   

#2.  If color selection and coordinating colors is confounding you there is a very cool site that can help you pull it all together. At MyColortopia you can upload a photo of something you like and  find colors that both match and coordinate with it. You can upload a picture of your sofa or fabric, or a piece of fruit, or maybe a beach scene or flower. Some examples:

Look at the colors it comes up with. Clicking on any of these colors will bring up a coordinating palette.
Smoky Charcoal
Teal Lake
Pebble Grey

I love the blues and greens of this mountain scape and the choices provided by the color tool:

Pebble Grey
Onyx Black
Grey Heather
Mossy Green

The colors are all Glidden paint colors, but of course they can be matched to any other brand of paint. If you're unsure of what color direction to go in, this decorating safety net can give you the confidence to make those color decisions.

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