Monday, February 13, 2012


I have a page on my pinterest page dedicated to DIY art. Usually I'm attracted to art that sells for high dollar, but looks like something maybe I could create myself. Oftentimes when my arm-candy and I are strolling through an art gallery he will comment that "you could that". I usually disagree. But here are some art pieces that I have found online that I actually think I could do.

Starting with the easiest one first - this is sea glass glued in a shadow box. I could totally do this and I even have a sea glass collection to use.
Another easy art piece that just uses framing skills. This one uses hand made paper placed in a frame. I would put the paper on linen to highlight the design. Kate's Paperie is an online source for hand made papers. OR you can go to Natural Curiosities and pay a few hundred for one, which makes the DIY version so.much.better.

If you're in to abstract art, I think anyone could create this type of painting with a ruler on canvas.

This one looks pretty basic and there's even a tutorial on how to do it. How would anyone know if you made a mistake?

Channel your inner child with this. Hot glue crayons to the canvas and then blow dry. You could use all blues and greys for a moody canvas or coordinate with the colors in your room for that custom over-the-sofa painting.
Now we get a little more difficult, which requires more effort. Like buying paint and canvas. But you still can't beat the price, especially if you can convince yourself that your efforts would look totally awesome hanging in a gallery with a high price tag. This one can be found at the Cole Pratt Gallery in New Orleans for $2100. I love the colors because I'm a periwinkle kind of gal, and if I had an extra $2100 in my food envelope I would buy it.

It occurs to me that maybe I shouldn't be showing the works of these artists and recommending that you try to recreate something similar. Is that a bad thing to do? Have you ever tried to create your own version of expensive art? Is that a type of plagiarism or perfectly acceptable?

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