Monday, July 9, 2012

Functional Art

A few months ago my dear friend Roelofje had a dinner party. To know her is to love her as she has a passion for gardening and cooking, as I do. She is also completely organized and an excellent seamstress, two things I am not but could aspire to be. Also she is from Holland, loves to travel and take photos. But enough about her. This is about me.

While her many guests were enjoying the party ambience I was helping myself to a tour of her house, because in addition to gardening and cooking, I love home decor. Did any of you not know this? And yes, I did have permission first. As I walked through the master bedroom I caught a glimpse of this artful piece hanging in the bath/dressing room.
This just caught my fancy because it was so colorful and, to me, looked like a piece of art. Upon closer inspection I realized it was her collection of hairpins hanging on what looks to be a Rubbermaid-type plastic-coated grid. Here is a closer view of one section that holds many of the sterling silver ones:
Roelofje wears her hair up in a hairpin everyday. We have bets as to what's actually contained in those hairpins. Does she have long waist-length hair? Does she pull out her hairpin and shake her hair with a come-hither look?

Sterling Silver Indonesia
Sterling Silver Ecuador
Antique Silver

Sterling Silver New Mexico

Turquoise and Jade

The last pair are my favorites. They are gold hairpins made by a local jeweler for her anniversary, a gift from her husband John. Oh baby, I think she does let that hair down!

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