Monday, April 30, 2012

Places I've Been - Key West, FL

We recently toured the Florida Keys, staying on the island of Islamorada. Unless you are into boating, fishing, or boating and fishing, there's not all that much to do in the Keys. The area is not known for it's beaches; there are very few sandy areas that could be considered a beach. The hotels generally target fishermen. There is a completely different vibe in Key West however. It's sort of like Myrtle Beach with a little bit of Charleston mixed in. Along with the hotel chains, there are charming older homes and B&B's to be found in Key West, much like those found in Charleston. But mostly, people just drink. Alot.

This is the nightly Sunset Celebration in Key West's Mallory Square. This spot attracts visitors from all over the world to watch the sun set over the waters just 90 miles from Havana.

Most interesting Key West find: a street performer that features trained cats. Who says you can't herd cats? He had them jumping through hoops of fire.

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