Friday, March 9, 2012

More Organization Ideas...Cord-ination

I hate seeing masses of computer cords. There's no way you can appear the least bit organized if you have cords dangling all around your desk. While there are cable control systems you can buy, what fun is that?

These are the best diy computer cord solutions I have found.

Binder Clips 
File folder labels
Empty single toilet paper rolls. Take multiple empty toilet paper rolls, (or cut a few paper towel rolls into thirds), and fit into a shallow box or shoebox. Fold up each cable and push through the rolls, label each roll accordingly and place in the box.
Foam pipe insulation. Just cut the insulation to size, slice down the length, and insert your cables.
Feed all the cords behind the desk into a power-surge protector strip. Mount the power strip to the underside of the desk with strong adhesive backed strips such as Command picture hanging strips. Fit all the cords neatly into a wire basket from a housewares store and suspend or mount under the desk with hooks or screws.
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