Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Magic Shell Chocolate Bowl Sundae

I was looking for recipes that showed Magic Shell Chocolate formed into a bowl. I thought it would be a cute way to serve pistachio pudding or ice cream for St. Patrick's Day. Or chocolate mousse during the other 11 months. 

But instead I tumbled onto this recipe and it wowed me. As in "I'm addicted to chocolate so let's make this Saturday night". How good does this look?

Directions to make chocolate "glass":  
Working over a bowl, drizzle 2 medium sized glasses with Smucker's Chocolate Magic Shell until the outside is completely coated. Place on small plates and freeze until the chocolate hardens.

Then fill to your heart's content:
Layer 3 scoops vanilla ice cream into each chocolate-coated glass.

Drizzle Smucker's Chocolate Magic Shell or other topping over ice cream sundaes.

Top each with whipped cream, pecans and a cherry. Serve immediately. 
You can thank me later.

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