Monday, June 18, 2012

Temporarily In The Slow Lane

So you may, or perhaps not, noticed that I have not blogged for a while. I know my readers, all 3 of them, miss my ramblings. Blame it all on Obama Care.

Not really, so much, but kinda sorta. Mainly I just thought that would get your attention. Since neither of the Lanes work for a large corporation we do not have employer-sponsored health care. No, we have find it yourself and pay the outrageous premiums every month kind, the kind with the $20,000 deductible. That's enough to make you stay in the slow lane and proceed very cautiously.

Therefore, I have been on the search for a new health care plan. One that would actually cover the doctors in the state we live in, rather than our previous residence. This is not an easy project. I have spent most of the last 3-4 weeks searching plans, comparing deductibles, comparing office visit costs. Some plans you have to pay for everything up to your deductible. And maybe that deductible is $250. But probably not unless you are a fine physical specimen who has never filled a prescription through insurance and therefore you do not show up in their system for them to know anything about you. No, nowadays the deductibles are $3,000 and up.

Some plans you pay a copay of 10-20%. Of everything. So whether it's an office visit or a hospital stay you pay 10-20% of whatever that cost might end up being. That could be scary. Or, some plans you pay $50 for an office visit and they pay everything over that (for an appropriately high monthly premium). Or, some plans they pay $50 for an office visit and you pay everything over that. Again, the great unknown.

I finally made a decision, talked to an agent, spent 2 hours filling out the application on a conference call with the agent, then talked to a nurse working for the underwriters who asked questions such as, "Have you ever thought of committing suicide?" Like this whole process wouldn't have already pushed someone to the edge.

Oh, and along with this I have been researching car insurance for this state along with a new renters insurance policy. So, no blogging, just spreadsheet reading and web site comparing and general gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair. And it may have nothing to do with Obama Care, or maybe it does. But pondering that would put me in a different lane.

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