Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Condo Gardening

When we moved, we left behind 300 roses and huge numbers of daylilies, iris and almost any other perennial you can name. Literally, any perennial. Not to mention 36 tomato plants, along with cukes, squash, lettuce, beans and peppers

Condo living is a little different and has been an adjustment.  Not much room for plants but we are trying to take advantage of what little outdoor space we do have.

We dug up 3 roses that were our favorites and which had been a birthday gift from my Mom (by special request). They are each a David Austen old fashioned rose named Happy Child. I think it is aptly named:

We have managed to do a little farming:

Hot Peppers

Basil (for homemade pesto)
Condo Lizard
 Here is my flower garden, on the front balcony. I am the only one out of 48 units that has plants out front. The geraniums like it here, unfortunately the homeowners association does not like plants or flowers. I received a notice:
"there are a large number of plants surround your entry, some actually out on the walkway area itself. The Board is requesting that you limit the number of plants. It is recommended that you not over water or use fertilizer."

Does this look like an unruly group of plants? Are they considerably over the boundaries and in the way of the walkway? To limit the number of plants are they suggesting two instead of three? Is this really so bad? Anybody want to guess what I think of the "homeowner association" gestapo?

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