Friday, February 10, 2012

Jason Wu Collection at Target

Has anyone seen the Jason Wu collection at Target yet? Some of the items are already sold out online and the web seems to be buzzing about it. Full skirts are a new trend and his collection has plenty of them.

I only know his name as a fashion designer because I obsessively watch Housewives of NY where they are very territorial about their designers and get into a tizzy if someone else wears "their" designer favorite. And Jill, the nasty red-head who wants to reign over New York socialites, wears Jason Wu. But hers looked different, and better. But she got fired from the show anyway, which makes me happy. She was such a hater. But I digress.

His styles for Target are very preppy, sort of like Ralph Lauren without the plaid. And I love his branding with the black dog wearing a big red bow. He has a shirt with that on it, and honestly, I think that's my favorite piece.

Maybe I'm just too old for the Target version of high fashion. Maybe this skews towards teens, but I can't envision any of the teens I know wearing pleated poplin dresses. Maybe late 20's gals wearing them to work? What do you think? Too conservative, too preppy? Too old, too young?

Just for fun, here's a picture of the gorgeous Kate Middleton rocking a full skirt recently.

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